ASX Announcements

3 September 2021

Notice of cessation of securities

Expiry of 900,000 options without exercise or conversion

31 August 2021

Preliminary Final Report

Living Cell Technologies Limited (LCT) today announced the Preliminary Final Report (Appendix 4E) on the financial results for the year ended 30 June 2021.

16 August 2021

August Business Update

The Board continues to focus on securing an arrangement which will allow shareholders the possibility of getting a return on their investment in the company. It is in active discussions with several entities to achieve this goal.

In the meantime, the company continues to put in place a range of measures to conserve cash.

30 July 2021

Appendix 4C

LCT continues to conserve cash, ending the quarter with a cash balance of $1,568,928 compared to $2,240,007 in the previous quarter.

Net operating cash flow in the quarter was ($671,062) compared to ($188,893) in the previous quarter. Receipts from grants and tax incentives were $84,644, lower than the previous quarter of $186,901.


19 July 2021

Appendix 3Z