ASX Announcements

4 July 2021

Appendix 3Y

4 July 2021

Response to ASX Price Query

Living Cell Technologies Limited (LCT or the Company) refers to ASX’s price query received earlier today and responds to each question in order, as follows:

1. LCT continues to discuss possible projects that LCT might engage in with several parties. However, no discussions are at a stage where if they had been announced to the m...

10 June 2021

Update from the Board

The board of Living Cell Technologies Limited is working to identify opportunities to reinvigorate the business, evaluating prospects that align with its business strategy.

Through academic, commercial and investment contacts, board members and executives have had a range of confidential discussions about potential new projects and partn...

29 April 2021

Appendix 4C

Following its exit from the peptide projects with the University of Auckland, LCT continues to conserve cash as the company explores options that align with its strategy. We will update shareholders should we progress any discussions beyond the current very early stages.

The company ended the quarter with a cash balan...

28 March 2021

LCT exits peptide projects

The company's research and related licence contracts with the University of Auckland will terminate with effect from 25 March 2021. LCT will pay the University net NZD 400,000 on account of work done, and expects to recover part of this amount from third parties.

The contracts were to develop early preclinical candidates of lipidated cal...