19 October 2020


Living Cell Technologies Limited will hold its Annual General Meeting (“Meeting”) on Thursday, 19 November 2020 at 2:00pm (AEDT).

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and related issues, the Meeting will be held virtually via a live Zoom teleconference, supported by the Company’s Share Registrar, Computershare.

How to join the Meeting online:

Shareholders will be able to attend the Meeting by going to using their web browser or internet enabled device.

To join the Zoom Meeting, please click on the link below:

Meeting ID: 844 6008 5156

Dial by your location

  • +61 8 7150 1149 Australia
  • +61 2 8015 6011 Australia
  • +61 3 7018 2005 Australia
  • +64 4 886 0026 New Zealand
  • +64 9 884 6780 New Zealand
  • +64 3 659 0603 New Zealand

Find your local number:

In accordance with Section5(1)(f) of the Corporations (Coronavirus Economic Response) Determination (No.1) 2020 made by the Commonwealth Treasurer on 5 May 2020, the Notice of Meeting and accompanying Explanatory Memorandum (“Meeting Materials”) are being made available to shareholders electronically. This means that:

  • You are able to access the Meeting Materials online at the Company’s website,
  • A complete copy of the Meeting Materials has been posted on the Company’s Investor Centre page here.

How to submit your vote in advance of the Meeting

Shareholders may also vote at this Meeting by completing and lodging their Proxy Form online at, you will require a Control Number, SRN/HIN and postcode to log in. You can find the Control Number and Securityholder number at the top right hand corner of this letter.

For your voting instructions to be valid and counted towards this Meeting, please ensure that your online lodgment is received no later than 2:00 pm (AEDT) Tuesday 17 November 2020.

Voting instructions received after this time will not be valid for the scheduled Meeting.

How to submit your vote during the Meeting

Shareholders who wish to submit their vote during the meeting may do so:

  1. From their computer, by entering the URL into their browser:
  2. From their mobile device by either entering the URL in their browser:
  3. or by using the Lumi AGM app, which is available by downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.